What You Need to Know About Bad Credit Auto Loans to Make a Smart Purchase

When you’ve got bad credit, any kind of loan will cost you more than if you have an excellent credit rating. This is also true of bad credit auto loans. However, whereas getting most types of loans with bad credit can be difficult, the bad credit car loan is relatively easy. In today’s society, just about everyone needs a car, and the banks and the auto loan financing companies are well aware of this need.Even if you have poor credit, so long as your income to debt ratio demonstrates an ability to make the payment, you can purchase a new car, right off the lot, with little trouble. The down side to this transaction is that this type of bad credit auto loan comes with a high interest rate, which translates into a loan amount which exceeds the price of the car quite substantially. If you’re in the market for a bad credit auto loan on a used and more modestly priced car, you still won’t have much trouble obtaining auto loan financing. Surely you’ve seen the huge banners on some used car lots, with words like ‘Bad credit? No problem!’. No, it’s not a problem for the dealer, but is probably fraught with problems for you when you’ve signed the contract and drive home. Some of those problems include, of course, a high APR, a 30-day guarantee or perhaps just ‘as is’ (meaning no guarantee at all). You can easily end up with a lemon and a loan obligation of the least desirable kind.So, now let’s get to some steps you can take to assure that your bad credit loan can be a smart buy.1. Shop for your auto loan financing before you shop for the car. Even in the case of a bad credit auto loan, check with your own bank first to see what they can offer. If your employment history is solid, and you have, or implement direct deposit, you may get a decent rate, particularly if you opt for the automated payment?they take the payment directly out of your direct deposited paycheck. If you belong to a credit union, be sure to check with them as well. It’s never the wisest move to go with a dealer’s auto loan finance company.2. As possible, be prepared to make the largest down payment you can afford. The smaller the loan amount, the less the car will cost you in the end. If you’re planning to use your current vehicle as a trade-in, check the Kelly Blue Book(R) to determine the true market value of your car. You may be better off selling the car first and then using that money for your down payment.3. When you’ve secured a commitment from a lender, you can shop with price negotiating power. You’ve got the money and they want to sell the car. You’ve now taken the bad credit auto loan factor out of the equation and are most likely to be able to negotiate the best price. You’re also in a better position to ask that your mechanic give the car a look before you buy, giving you assurance that the car is sound.4. Even though you necessarily need an auto loan, taking these steps will save you money and time, making that purchase a good one.So there you have the basics of getting a good, bad credit auto loan!

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Why Marketing Automation Boosts Sales by 220% for Start-Ups & Smbs?

The Marketing Automation market is swelling at an incredible pace. Thanks to its affordability and key features of being an enabler and accelerator, now more and more start-ups and small businesses are signing up to its benefits.Need more reasons?Run through these quick FAQs to know just why Marketing Automation is the undisputed armour in a start-up’s kitty.Q. As a start-up founder, I am willing to go for the free-trial, but why would I want to use it thereafter?A. More than two-thirds of the companies that sign up for a free trial of Marketing Automation, end up realizing they should continue using it.Q. How long does it take to see the initial ROI after automating my marketing system?A. Of all the businesses that use marketing automation, nearly 3.75% witness a progressive ROI within the first year. For a start-up, this is insane!Moreover, start-ups can boost their ROI by using marketing automation and stand to gain from prominent features like zigihub’s micro-segmentation which can enhance campaign efficacy by 40-50%.Q. What is the biggest benefit of using marketing automation for my start-up?A. The biggest benefit is “saved time” as reported by most marketers. Marketers have expressed their delight for the amount of time they have been able to save with marketing automation. It is tremendous time… time that can be efficiently utilized in performing other equally important tasks.Q. What would my lead management be like after using it?A. Marketing Automation (MA) automatically captures twice as many leads as companies generate with a basic email system.Q. How does marketing automation help scale up my small business?A. Small businesses using MA outgrow their competitors by 63%, according to a finding by Lenskold Group.And what’s more?A whopping 451% surge in qualified leads have been reported by companies using MA system, as per a Wishpond study.To top it all, start-ups have seen their sales increase by 220% after using Marketing Automation.That for one, is quite a number!In a nutshell, your start-up or business journey can be best viewed through this flowchart… which points out the role and significance of marketing automation and what it can do for the success of your business.Voila! That is some challenging job!
Yes, but there are trusted experts like zigihub who can do this job for you effortlessly with its in-built intelligent algorithms.zigihub is a marketing automation platform for businesses and sales and marketing professionals to integrate all their marketing efforts under one umbrella. Using data science and machine learning algorithms, this CRM platform eases the job of marketers and makes the entire process of marketing a cakewalk. For small businesses, MA is full of advantages, as it literally sweeps away a large chunk of time-consuming efforts allowing businesses to scale up faster.The Enablers of Marketing AutomationCampaign ManagementCreate, run and evaluate campaigns across various channels; micro-segmentation of customers based on behaviour, buying patterns, demographics, etc. for executing targeted campaigns.Event Driven MarketingTriggered responses are generated based on customer-specific personal events like birthday or after payments, subscriptions, signing up for free trials, website visits, etc.Website MonitoringIntegrated website monitoring system uses intelligent analytics to increase website traffic and lead conversion rate.Social Media IntegrationIntegrates various social media channels into your marketing strategy by engaging customers in the digital world, thereby identifying and obtaining a holistic view of your existing customers.zigihub’s social media integration efficiently works towards 360? understanding of customer’s social behaviour. It uses fuzzy logic algorithms to match active social media users in the customer base.Email MarketingOn-the-fly segmentation of customers and leads to send personalized marketing messages through templates for increasing open rates.The Accelerators of Marketing AutomationPersonalized CommunicationFor engaging customers, segmented lists are created on the basis of their behaviour, interests and activities for sending personalized messages.Customer ProfilingSummarizing your customers and creating individual profiles from their specific purchasing patterns, demographics, etc. is known as customer profiling.Reference EngineThe Marketing Automation and CRM platform zigihub uses more than 60 algorithms through predictive analytics and machine learning to identify most promising deals and leads.Customers are increasingly looking forward to receiving product recommendations that match their preferences, buying history and likes.Campaign EffectivenessMonitoring and evaluating campaigns closely to improve its effectiveness is crucial to the success of any campaign. It includes detailed insights into analytics like opened, read, deleted, etc.MA platforms are retaining existing customer base with strategic development of their tools in line with the customer’s tastes and preferences. This helps in offering novelty, safeguarding the interests of customers and making them feel valued.These attributes of MA work in perfect harmony to drive a start-up engine and help small businesses scale up.So, if you are planning to start your own business or already have a start-up or SMB, you will find all your marketing related synergies being taken care of by Marketing Automation.As most marketers using it say, it is a silver bullet for start-ups and SMBs.

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The 5 Best Secrets to Making the Best eCommerce Experience

So, you’ve opened your first eCommerce store. Maybe your customers are starting to place orders or you’re about ready to launch that first big sale. Let’s talk a little bit about what it takes to make it or break it in your eCommerce experience. The little things that you do for your customers will make them like you, stick around to buy more products, and recommend you to their friends.1. Give them security. This is probably the most important thing that you can do for your eCommerce customers. Before they pay for your products online, there are a few things that they need:

Security: Use SSL site seals to tell your eCommerce customers that your website is safe. These little logos are free when you use an eCommerce platform. You can also easily add them to your site. SSL site seals can reduce your eCommerce bounce rate by anywhere from 10% to 20%.

Authority: eCommerce customers want to know that they are buying from the best. On your eCommerce site, make sure that your content is perfect. Make sure that you are responding to customer reviews and authoring new content in a blog and posting to social media.
2. Give them social proof.Social proof is one of the best ways to increase the productivity of your eCommerce site. Let’s say that your e-store only sells tools that are manufactured in the USA. If your business is doing something good, let your customers know. When your e-store is creating social value, customers will be more inclined to buy.3. Make the checkout process simple.Do you make your customers create an account to shop on your eCommerce store? If so, this could make them quit shopping all together if they are in a hurry. Here are some ways to make the account creation process simple or totally eliminate it:

Create a “guest” shopping option.

Let them log in with their Facebook or Google credentials.
When paying for goods and services, try to keep the checkout process simple. A one- or two-page checkout experience makes the payment process simple. Also, give them options to pay, including ACH, credit cards, and PayPal.4. Get a lot of expert- and user-generated content.Your eCommerce customers want to learn. Give them the opportunity to leave reviews of your products and provide useful tips that they know. Additionally, get some experts to write a blog post or be available on social media to answer questions about the industry.5. Make customer support painless.Did you ever think about adding a live chat option to your website? Sometimes, customers will leave your eCommerce site if the content doesn’t have a question. If you enable live chat on your eCommerce site to react when a customer becomes stuck on a certain page, called a “trigger,” you can engage them before they leave your site all together.These five little eCommerce secrets will help boost your average order size, conversion rate, and total revenue for your online store.

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